Basic features

Changes on WearOS


The most recent existing for the device

Improvements to build.prop

Likewise we have also improved prop.default


Patched the system to prevent custom recovery from being removed

Deodexed system

By performing the deodex we make sure that the system loads faster and consumes fewer resources

Updated apps

Wear OS system applications always updated to the latest version before publishing the ROM

Modified vendor

The vendor has been modified to optimize the system. Mobvoi overlays and applications have also been eliminated so that the user can decide what they want to have on their device.


The factory kernel is used, since we do not have at our disposal the complete source code of it to be able to create our own

New features

ONE Team Addons

Boot Animation

Added our boot animation adapted to WearOS

Removed all Mobvoi apps

You can download MobvoiAPPS-TWP3_***.zip and install it from TWRP to recover them, it's removed even the Essential mode (secondary screen controller), in Downloads you can see more information about which one to download according to what you want


Added our application that manages the ROM usage statistics (it only notifies our server how many people are using our rom, from which country and on which device)

Enhanced GPS

Modifications have been added to the GPS management mode to improve its connection with the satellites.

Best resolution

Changed ROM DPI to improve space consumed by apps on clock face